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Contractual Risk

Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Document Verification Solutions with our intelligent technology and experienced compliance experts.

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Mitigating Contractual Risk

This product tracks everything you need to keep your company organized, compliant and properly protected. Take advantage of our intelligent technology and experienced compliance experts to gain insight on your level of risk, giving you the freedom to focus on your day-to-day operations.

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Verified Testimonial

Gallagher Verify monitors expiration dates, insurance limits and other details across thousands of COIs. In addition, their team delivers a very consultative, customized approach, which has allowed us to significantly improve your overall risk exposure."

Gallagher Verify Gallagher Verify Brings Big
Benefits to Your Business

  • Increased profitability due to reduced internal administrative costs
  • Centralized compliance records with efficient, easy-to-use Cloud software
  • Automated non-compliant and COI renewal request notices delivered directly to vendors
  • Reports and dashboard to manage compliance trends
  • Ongoing monitoring of AM Best insurance carrier ratings
  • Dedicated project managers to assist with implementation
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) generation for improved compliance workflows

Gallagher Verify Custom Protection for
Your Line of Work

  • Industry-specific software configurations
  • Automated and suppressible vendor notifications
  • AM best integration
  • Proactive compliance calls to vendors
  • Exception and insurance consulting
  • Call center for quick answer

Verified Testimonial

When our client initially implemented Gallagher Verify, their third-party insurance compliance was less than 20%. Today, compliance is more than 90%. The aggressive tracking of insurance requirements and vendor compliance mitigates financial exposure, should there be a claim."

Our Tiered Approach Provides Tailored Support for Your Individual Needs

Cloud Software
Data Entry
Automated Compliance Checks
Automated Notifications
Insurance Consulting
Compliance Enforcement Phone Calls*

* Up to four phone calls per certificate of insurance (COI)

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